6th of September 2019

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You know it too, rigidity,
The on and off, anxiety
The difficulty to undress
The pain, the cramp, the loneliness

Dishes that don’t cooperate
The arm you cannot activate
The parties you decide to skip
The abyss at your fingertip

Your stress resistance gone awry
A future that has passed you by
Your self-image, all shaken up
No cure to make this damn thing stop

The rusty brains, low energy
The hiccups in your memory
Your multitasking days long gone
A voice inside which shouts: “Hold on!

It’s Parkinson’s, time to connect
The old and new will intersect”.
I thank you, mirrors on my wall
For making me feel far less small

Because you mirror my existence
It reduces my resistance
to the things I cannot change
And acceptance is in range


Eager to open up


Thanks to my mirrors

Benjamin, David, Gerda, Jobien, Joke, Jolanda, Lea, Marc, Marjan,
Martin, Matt, May, Nathalie, Sara, Suzanne and all other Parkies I am still to
recognize on the Road of Adaptation. 

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